What do you do when your child has an asthma attack?

BreatheEasy™ allows you to manage your asthma in a time of crisis. You can also communicate your asthma control to your medical team and monitor trends in your asthma symptoms.

  • Understand your Action Plan

    The BreatheEasy™ application allows you to understand what medications to take and when to take them. Whether during times of crisis or for daily control and prevention, it's important to know both what and when to do. Each zone (green, yellow, and red) contains the list of medications and instructions on how to best follow your individualized plan of care.

  • Check your Asthma Control

    The CAST score allows you to easily determine your asthma control and send real-time reports to your doctor. With four simple questions, you and your provider can quickly identify when it is time to adjust or change your prescribed medications.

  • Share your Action Plan
    This app allows you to share your asthma action plan with babysitters, grandparents, or anyone else who might need access. This is accomplished with the touch of a button that sends an emailed list of your medications to your chosen recipient. 

  • Call for Help

    You can call your medical team in case of an emergency straight from the app. No more searching through your contact list to find a phone number during time of crisis.